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Brand new week! And a brand new member of VanillaSeven!

Introducing.. ingimg!

ingimg is working in creative industry and has been living in Chicago USA for quite sometimes.

A dear friend of mine, photography is not a new thing since ingimg family has been running this industry.

Enjoy the fresh point of view from this new member of VanillaSeven.

Please give a warm welcome! :D

We all have moments where we crave awesome nostalgic foods of yesteryear. Foods that can take us back to a certain period of time just by thinking of them.

Some of them probably didn’t survive the test of time and vanished forever,…geez, that would really suck.

IMG_0325 (1)

To me, living in central Jakarta has it perks, you can find noodle shops of different origins in the same corner.

There are Medanese noodle, Kalimantan noodle, Hong Kong noodle, etc.

One of my favorite from my childhood is a noodle shop in Krekot, an area near where i grew up.

The noodles are curly, with strips of pork meat, fried shallot, and a bed of veggies underneath it.

You can also order a side of thousand year old eggs/ Pi-Tan (it’s not true, they’re not a thousand year old =D).

The noodle shop is well hidden inside a complex of home/shops. So unless you live in the area, or heard the noodle place from word-of-mouth,

you won’t know about this place. The place don’t even have a sign, for crying out loud!

IMG_0323 (1)
IMG_0322 (1)

One thing that changed it’s probably myself. Growing up makes me more health concious,

which kinda takes all the fun of eating these guilty pleasures from the past. Oh well, once in a while is okay, i guess.

Please do share your nostalgic foods from your area. Who knows one day i’ll have the chance to try it. Cheers.

Many effort have been made in promoting greener environment and cutting down wastage.

One of the recent one is waterless toilet stand for gents!

No flush needed, and at the bottom of the urinal there is a container of chemical that said can kill all the germs and prevent the odor.

One of the initiative of saving the precious water which still an issue in Singapore.

Environmental Friendly Toilet

What do you think about this guys? Do you feel comfortable using this? :)

by flyingbeagle

Jeju Island is a volcanic island, dominated by Halla-san (Halla Mountain): a volcano 1,950 metres high and the highest mountain in South Korea.  The island was created entirely from volcanic eruptions approximately 2 million years ago.

Some tourist attractions are water sports, jet ski, snorkling, etc.  You can take submarine ship and enjoy the underwater view.

The ship that took us to submarine ship.  I was too excited discussing about korean dramas with Kathy, our local guide, that I forgot to take photo of submarine ship.

Dancing fishes taken inside the submarine ship

Jeju Island, South Korea, September 2009, by v1olet