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Good morning everyone! :D

After long nights of dragging my heavy camera bag and tripod from work and crawling in the dark of nights, searching for the best angle, techniques and skill… I present to you, my first HDR photo!

Chinatown Singapore HDR_low

Thanks for the valuable feedbacks during our blogoversary, we hear you. By popular demand, here is VanillaSeven photography tips and tricks.

For those who didn’t know what on earth is HDR, HDR is High Dynamic Range (HDR) image using three photographs of the same scene taken under different exposures, and  process the HDR image in photoshop in order to reveal its details in highlights and shadows. HDR images contain more detail in bright and dark areas than ordinary images. But to achieve that is another story, experience and hands on are the keys.

The skies doesn’t look so bright and clean due to pollution and dust in city area. Weather plays a very important factor in taking a night shoot.

My freebie tripod finally R.I.P (Rest in Pieces) during the photography “battle.” Time to buy a new one…

Oh, in case you guys always wondering what equipment that VanillaSeven contributors using up-to-date, you can check out what is inside our bags. This list will be updated frequently as we changed our gears. So, do check it out regularly! :)

Well? Please give me your honest comment about this photo. For me, I am still not satisfied with the result, knowing I can do better provided given more time to learn.

Have a great weekend trying this new trick! :)

by flyingbeagle

Everyday is a Holiday at Everland Resort.

September and October is Happy Halloween Festival.

Halloween Parade

It was Sunday morning and when we arrived it had already been crowded.  We knew that going to theme parks on Saturday and Sunday was not ideal and unconvenient  for tourists like us.  It took 1-2 hours queuing for only 1 ride.  We should have come on weekdays.

We took this cable car as shortcut to Safari and T Express.

T Express

The steepest wooden roller coaster in the world.  Experience excitement at a 77 degrees inclination.  Enjoy the unbelievable thrill of a near-sheer drop.  The greatest vertical inclination in the world, the highest – fastest – longest roller coaster in Korea.

Excited during over 3-minute thrilling sensation-nation longest 1,641m.

Sighed with throbbing relief by tremendous speed – national highest 104km/h.

Everland Resort – Theme Park, South Korea, September 2009, by v1olet

As I mention on the previous part. These colorful fishes are very friendly, they surely come around whenever people around,
and they are ALWAYS hungry! No matter how many times you feed them, they’ll grab it all.
That’s why you have to be careful not to overfeed them. Because a tournament level fish, must have a torpedo like body (they cannot be too fat!).

The fish will have good colors and appearance if  thes pond is well maintain, enough oxygen supply, a well operated water filter and of course good nutrition. So never throw any of your food into a koi pond, if the owner see you, you might get into trouble :)

A good Koi fish worth a fortune, especially the one that has won a tournament, its value will be doubled or even multiplied even more.
So how to identify a good qualifying Koi fish? A good koi fish have a good pattern (Kiwa), its pattern must be solid in color and well balance.
But, just like an art, fish collectors may have their favorite one, even though it’s not a tournament level fish.

Just like my late dad favourite one:
Look at the circled one below, the heart shaped Tancho kohaku. A very rare pattern on a fish.

by moxeous