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Shooter Shot

Glorious morning, everyone! :D

It’s been a very busy weekend here in Singapore.

The Formula One Grandprix and Chinese Mid Autumn Festival are enough to make the traffic jammed.

One thing I noticed is the increasing number of photographers that appeared during this season.

From students, office workers, professionals to the veterans from film based camera, you name it.

Thanks to the digital cameras that getting cheaper and affordable for all range of market, everybody now can become a photographer.

Is there a future for professional photographer when everyone can simply have the same camera as they using?

I would love to hear your opinion about this :)

Shooter shot

by flyingbeagle

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  • Ratty says:

    Good photography is a lot harder than most people think. A point and shoot digital camera still can’t compare to a professional camera. While I was leaving my nature park with my fun new camera add-ons, a woman was walking in with professional equipment. After just seeing that stuff I knew mine couldn’t compare.

  • Shinade aka Jackie says:

    Fantastic job FB! I love the out of focus touch!! I still want the camera….okay? Happy week to all back there!!:-)

  • corporate singapore is quite industrial.... says:

    thoughtful thread…ultimately its the heartware, not the hardware….the man behind the lens….

  • Denesa says:

    Yah the Formula One fever is on in Singapore. Even young kids like my sons are now using digital camera and handphone to snap photos. But I feel that not everybody is able to take good pictures. That special moment, that candid shot, the angle etc…not everybody can do it well. Good Job to you!

  • Lin says:

    It still takes a lot of skill and a good eye to take a professional shot. Add in the finishing and you still beat out the beginning photographer. I like you adding your thoughts to your photography now. I find it interesting.

  • vanillaseven says:

    Ratty: Firstly congrats on your new equipment. Looks promising! What I mean is, what if you have the same or similar camera as her.

    Shinade: I pray that you will get it soon Jackie :) Happy week to you too!

    Ken Liong: It’s an honor for you to dropped by and gave a comment here. Your experience in photography industry are colossal. How far do you think a person with a heart for photography can go with limited resources?

    Denesa: Exactly, almost all the new mobile phone now are with camera function in it.

    Lin: Experience plays a big part in this I guessed. Thank you for your encouragement my dear Lin :)

  • rainfield says:

    When I was small, there were many photographers who offered their service at Botanical Garden or Kek Loke Si, they are now no more there anymore.

  • krizzcross says:

    Hey, buddy! Nice depth of field :)

  • ann says:

    I totally agree with Ratty. However I do think that there are a lot of people out there right now with decent dslr’s that are chomping at the bit to become a photographer. I would say that the profession may be a little over saturated so to make a living at it you better be really good. Just my opinion.

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