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Just like other tropical countries, in Indonesia we only have 2 seasons: the wet and dry seasons.
During the wet season, we’ll see greenery and lush panorama all over the country.
But we’ll see the opposite during the dry season.
Trees were dried up and dying. But that is not completely true, these trees are only loosing their leaves to avoid dehydration, and survived this dry season.

It’s always been my favorite to take a photographs of this dry trees at Saradan, East Java – Indonesia.

by moxeous

Being born and raised in Singapore, like all the others we have witnessed the vast and rapid change to our society. From the simple government housing to the infrastructure like transportation or a bridge.

These are some of my shoots;

3351984168_6c32565115_b copy

Government Apartment.   All government apartment inherit different design from estate to estate. This picture shows the hind side of the building, If you observe closer, you will spot some “personal flag”.  I like the lines, edges and especially the vibrant tone.

3304331128_a79568969a_b copy

Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) Tracks Took this shot near my home. The thing that captured my eyes are its clean structure in a complex network.

3351102437_9003b7f23d_b copy

Henderson Wave Bridge This bridge commissioned not too long ago. Standing 118 feet above Henderson road, a pedestrian walk linking two park provide magnificent view of the surrounding resident estate and further view of Singapore.

by krizzcross

Glorious morning, everyone! :D

It’s been a very busy weekend here in Singapore.

The Formula One Grandprix and Chinese Mid Autumn Festival are enough to make the traffic jammed.

One thing I noticed is the increasing number of photographers that appeared during this season.

From students, office workers, professionals to the veterans from film based camera, you name it.

Thanks to the digital cameras that getting cheaper and affordable for all range of market, everybody now can become a photographer.

Is there a future for professional photographer when everyone can simply have the same camera as they using?

I would love to hear your opinion about this :)

Shooter shot

by flyingbeagle