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Teddy Bear

Smiling Teddy Bear

He doesn’t look like a wild animal, does he ?

He is as cute as a teddy bear toy.

Do they eat grass?  I thought they eat meat …. :)

Safari Park II  Prigen, Malang, East Java

by v1olet

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  • Icy BC says:

    He does look like a stuff teddy bear, very cute and cuddly! However, I would rather stay far away :-)

  • betchai says:

    love the photos, yeah, i thought they fish, but it seems they are enjoying the grass, great photos.

  • vanillaseven says:

    My friend used to have a baby bear as a pet (yeah, I know it’s illegal) And their strength is formidable even though they might look harmless.

  • alexa says:

    oh my, they’re very cute, but I don’t think I want to be near them :)

  • rainfield says:

    Baby bear is cute as a pet, but adult is dangerous even to get near.

  • Nicole says:

    Those are some sweet looking animals!
    But like rain said, uh, I don’t want to get too close :D

  • Ratty says:

    They do look cute, but they still look wild to me. Bears do eat meat, and also vegetables like grass. Mostly, bears eat anything they want.

  • sylviaspy says:

    They look so cuddly!! I would love to visit a safari park soon!

  • Teddy Software Info says:

    cute indeed and did look like a giant stuff bear but yeahhh! i think i will stay away from them also lol

  • VetTech says:

    I have had bears in my back yard…they look so much sweeter than they really are.

  • earthtoholly says:

    Hi Vanilla. How “sweet” these guys are. Milk and dark chocolate bears! :o)

  • Dorothy L says:

    The cubs are always sooo darn adorable….it is the mommies that are not :)

  • v1olet says:

    Icy BC, Alexa, rainfield, Nicole, Teddy, Stacie, earthtoholly, Dorothy L : Yes, the cubs are adorable, yet they are still wild animal. Better not come near them, unless you’re with the bear tamer/trainer.

    betchai, Ratty : I’ve read that bears eat fish and honey. Some say that wild giant bears also eat human heart. Too much watching Brad Pitt’s movie “The Legend of The Fall” :)

    Bears eat anything they want, and so does man. :)
    I heard that there are some chinese restaurants that serve bear’s claws as therapeutic cuisine. It’s very expensive.

    vanilla, VetTech : Having bear as a pet is so cool.

    sylviaspy : Hope you can visit safari park soon. You’re gonna have some fun there. You can take a lot of pictures of God’s marvelous creative works.

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