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Aaah, it’s monday again. Rise and shine folks! :)

I don’t know why since I returned from Perhentian trip, I encountered giant spiders quite often. Remember Mary Jane? :)

It made me shivered to imagine that giant spider are actually stalked me back to Singapore!

Hope it’s only my imagination.

Giant Spider 2

I found this nearby my house. It seems she already started her work in this busy Monday.

I am looking forward to exercise at the gym since my back sprained incident I haven’t exercise at all :(

What is your plan this week? This week I am also looking forward to meet  Darlene Zschech from Hillsongs Australia, this will be an awesome week! :D

Most likely she will be performing this Sunday, 6 September 2009 at New Creation Church, here in Singapore.

Wish you all a fruitful and happy week ahead! :D

by flyingbeagle

The meaning of purple roses is eternal true love. Lavender or lilac rose colors mean the beginning of true love.

Purple roses are most often used for wedding anniversaries after 25 years and beyond. They are also used as a memorial rose for a departed spouse.

Very deep purple roses are meant to be given for intimate personal situations.

by v1olet

The meaning of peach roses is to convey a message of appriciation and thanks. If you would like to thank someone, send them a bouquet of peach roses.

by v1olet