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“What you two doing here at this hour?” asked the bandana man.

“We are lost and looking for a way back” blurted my friend before I can replied.

“It is a very unusual place for you two to be lost” said the bandana man

I saw the muscleman standing near as with arms folded observing.

I slowly hide my camera in the shadow before they noticed it.

“Where you two stay?” asked the bandana man

“We stay at Symphony, Long beach” I finally opened my mouth.

“That’s quite distance from here, you won’t be able to return by yourself” the bandana man chuckled.

“This gentleman will help escort you two back to where you stay” bandana man pointed at the muscular man.

“I will take care of the stash here, you go send them back”

“Thank you for your kind help” said my friend.

The bandana man seems to be in command or at least higher rank than the muscleman, he came closer to the muscleman and mumbled something to him, the muscleman just nodded and grunted.  I understand malay language quite good and only managed to catch few setences from their conversation. My friend didn’t.

We start walking with the muscleman leading the way, walking through forest path. Torch in his left hand and a wicked machete on his right.

I managed to take this shot while we walked through the forest.

Again, my love and dedication to provide you all with great photos is greater than my common sense.

Cyclops Moon

I took this photo handheld, added with my shaking hands, I am quite amazed with the result.

When I looked at the moon, I shivered and remembered again of what the bandana man told to the muscleman before we left…

” Take the torch and machete with you…….make it quick”

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

We circled to the back of the hut, and saw a well builded guy sitting while guarding a weird looking shrine.

We heard murmured about why his friend not come back yet while his shift it’s already over.

After we minutes we waited, the guy suddenly stand up and ran to the distant tree in the weird movement.

“He going to pee! Now!” I whispered hastily.

We ran like a Commando soldier towards the weird shrine and…


Beer Treasure Shrine




Inside the trunk was pile of canned beers on ice.

Hard liquor and alcoholic drinks are prohibited in this part of malaysia, and these guys probably smuggled it.

Before we recovered from our shock, suddenly…

“HEY! YOU TWO THERE! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DOING?!! ” yelled a man in bandana behind us.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw the muscular man that went for toilet break are running towards us…

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

We walk cautiously as the night getting darker in fast forward mode…

“How we can go back from here?” my friend said.

“Just ask the kitten” I said.

There are few small huts nearby the beach, we decided to walk closer to the less suspicious one…

Shady Snorkeling Shop

The sign in front of the hut said ” Snorkeling Shop” but as we walk closer, we can hear the rowdy laughters from inside the hut.

” Do you think it’s a good idea just walk there and tell them we are lost?” I asked my friend.

” Yeah, maybe they even they willing to tell where the fishy kitten is and share their Treasure with us gladly” my friend replied without expression.

…. Silence for few precious seconds.

“You mean they have Treasure or Booty with them?” I whispered.

“They are pirates right? Pirates always have treasures.” my friend replied.

*WARNING!!!  Children, please do not try this at home (yeah, even your home is a pirate den.)

Do you all think we should search for what kind of  Treasure they have?

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle