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I know… there’s nothing cuter than first love and its memorabilia… First love letter, first kiss, first holding hand moment under the trees.. first time he gazed into your eyes under the shady tree outside your school and carved heart shaped and both name initials.. Sure those are magical moments.. but come on.. on modern era like this.. who has time to go on a date at the park, and able to find the tree to carve itself is challenging enough. You wouldn’t want to be fined by the security for damaging the environment right? Fret not, I just found this cool postcard from wooden block that you can actually carve in, with a simple tool of a key! Now this keepsake can be treasured forever.


by Astrid, 2009

The debate over junk food is never-ending. You’ll want to hate them, but you can’t resist to love them at the same time. You know how baaad it is for your body, especially after watching Supersize Me. For those of you who haven’t watched it, better don’t, you wouldn’t want to touch junk foods for months, and then suddenly, you’ll find yourself missing it and craving it , even more than before! But I am determined to eat healthier than last year (well, at least I’m trying hard to be) so I decided to just befriends with them. I won’t stay away from them and pretended not to see them when I pass by, in fact I will display them proudly… around my neck as a fashion accessories or a burger set origami as a table display.

Potato chip necklace


Origami fastfood set



Manneken Pis is a dutch word for Little Peeing Man, and commonly known in French as Petit Julien. It is a sculpture depicting a small boy urinating into a fountain’s basin.

By: tanchi, 2009